Maximizing Your Winnings With Live Casino Auto Roulette

December 15, 2023

When it comes to online betting sites, live casino auto roulette has become a popular and exciting game that mixes the fun of a real roulette table with the ease of playing online. With Sultanbet Live Games, players can dive into the fast-paced world of auto roulette gambling. The popular Evolution Auto Roulette platform brings to life games like speed auto roulette, auto roulette online, live auto roulette, auto lightning roulette, and auto roulette VIP. In this detailed guide, we’ll talk about the basics of live casino auto roulette, show you how to play, point out the main changes from regular roulette, explain the different types of auto roulette, and give you tips and strategies to help you win more.

Basics Of Live Casino Auto Roulette

When you play live casino auto roulette online, you can enjoy the classic charm of roulette with the speed and ease of automation. What you need to know in order to start:

Roulette Table:

  • The pockets on the wheel are marked from 0 to 36 in European versions and from 00 to 36 in American versions. The pockets are red, black, and green.

Table for betting:

  • The table shows different ways to bet, such as inside bets (on specific numbers) and outside bets (on broad groups like red or black).

How to play:

  • A real dealer watches over an automatic system in live auto roulette. Bets are made, the wheel spins, and the ball is let go.

Options for betting:

  • There are different ways to bet, such as straight-up (single number), split (two numbers next to each other), red/black (colour), and more. Each has its own chances and payouts.

As a result:

  • A Random Number Generator (RNG) decides what will happen. The number or group that wins is shown by the ball’s pocket after the spin.

Learning How To Play Live Casino Auto Roulette

It’s easy and fun to play live auto roulette. Here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Pick Your Favorite Version: You can choose from different versions of auto roulette, such as speed auto roulette, auto lightning roulette, and auto roulette VIP.

2. Put Your Money On It: Bet on the numbers, colours, or combinations that you want.

3. Watch the Spin: Take it easy and enjoy the motion as the wheel spins in real-time.

4. Receive Your Profits: If your bet wins, you will be given your profits.

Features And Benefits Of Live Casino Auto Roulette

Learning how to play is only the beginning of what you can do to get into the exciting world of live gambling auto roulette. It’s also important to understand the many features and benefits that make this game stand out and make it a great choice for gaming fans.

Action in real-time:

You can watch the game happen in real-time by going to a virtual casino. A live dealer, who has been carefully trained to make you feel like you’re really in a casino, will spin the roulette wheel, let go of the ball, and call out the winning number right in front of you.

  • Being a part of the action in real-time gives an unmatched level of excitement, like being in a real casino. It gives people the rush of energy that many roulette players look for.

Easy access:

  • The ease of use is a big deal when it comes to live gambling auto roulette. There was a time when you had to plan trips to real-life casinos. These days, you can play your best types of roulette from home, without having to worry about what to wear or how to behave in a casino.
  • It also saves time, which is another benefit. You can bet on these sites 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can play whenever it works for you. The roulette wheel is easy to get to at any time of day or night.

Different kinds:

  • Live casino auto roulette has a lot of different types of games to choose from so that players can find something they like. There’s a type of game that’s perfect for everyone, whether you like fast-paced action, exciting moments, or a limited-time VIP experience.
  • Game types like speed auto roulette, auto lightning roulette, and auto roulette VIP let you switch between them without having to switch platforms. This range of games makes the gameplay interesting and new, and it can adapt to your changing gaming moods.

Interface that is easy to use:

  • A user-friendly design makes it easy to find your way around the world of live auto roulette. It’s made to be fun for roulette fans of all kinds, from those who have never played before to those who have played for years.
  • This design makes it easy to place bets, keep track of your money, and talk to the live dealer. It makes sure that the game runs smoothly and that you can enjoy it without having to worry about how to use complicated settings.

Streaming in high quality:

  • Presentation is very important in live casino auto roulette, and high-quality streaming is a key part of that. The video stream is in high definition, and the sound is crystal clear. This makes the game experience as real as if you were in a casino.
  • Each spin, win, and interaction with the live dealer is shown in great detail, making the experience more immersive and increasing your general enjoyment of the game. With every element shown in great detail on your screen, it’s like sitting in the front row at a roulette table.

Understanding The Mechanics Of Live Casino Auto Roulette

Live casino auto roulette works a lot like regular roulette, but it has a few key differences that make it stand out in the world of online betting.

Wheel with motors:

  • The use of an automatic wheel is one thing that makes live auto roulette unique. In regular roulette, the wheel is spun by a person croupier. In live auto roulette, a complex computer system does the spinning. This method makes sure that the outcome of each spin is decided quickly and accurately.
  • Because the wheel is automated, there are no breaks or stops. This makes the game more continuous and interesting. The game is easy to play and quick, so it’s great for people who like things to go faster without sacrificing fairness.

Fast Rounds:

  • Live roulette is known for having rounds that go by quickly. The game moves faster because the betting windows are small, and there isn’t much time between spins. This variation is a great choice if you want quick results and the thrill of things changing quickly.
  • The faster gameplay lets you play more rounds in the same amount of time as normal roulette. Live auto roulette has short rounds that make it a great choice for people who want to feel the thrill of excitement or just like games with more action.

There will be randomness:

  • In live gambling auto roulette, making sure the game is fair is very important. Random Number Generators (RNGs) that have been approved by the government are used to make sure that automatic games are truly random. This RNG makes sure that each spin is completely random and separate, just like in real roulette.
  • It is important to remember that outside factors cannot change the outcome of the game. This means that every person has an equal and fair chance to win. This Random Number Generator (RNG) not only builds trust and fairness but it also makes live auto roulette a more legal and fun way to gamble.

Differences Of Live Casino Auto Roulette Vs. Conventional Roulette

Knowing the differences between live casino auto roulette and regular roulette is important for getting the most out of the benefits of each. We’ll look at the main differences and weigh the pros and cons in this part.

Contrasting Live Casino Auto Roulette With Traditional Roulette

It’s important to know how each version works and what makes them different in order to fully enjoy the subtleties and differences between live casino auto roulette and the classic version. This part will go into detail about the main changes, giving you a full comparison.

No Dealer in Person:

  • Live Casino Auto Roulette: This type of roulette doesn’t have a live dealer. Instead, it has an automatic wheel and a computer system that figures out the winning number. The speed of the game is improved by this software.
  • Traditional Roulette: At traditional roulette tables, there is a real person called a croupier who spins the wheel by hand, throws the ball into the void, and calls out the numbers. This human part could cause the game to lag a little.

Outcomes of Automation:

  • Live Casino Auto Roulette: A qualified Random Number Generator (RNG) decides the results, making sure that they are fair and random. Players can be sure that the game is fair because it isn’t affected by outside factors.
  • Traditional Roulette: The results of traditional roulette depend on the croupier’s skill and the rules of physics. Even though the game is still fair, some players may question how fair it is.

Different Game Speeds:

  • Live Casino Auto Roulette: Auto roulette has different game speeds, like speed auto roulette, for players who want to play more quickly. If you want to bet quickly, these variations are the perfect choice.
  • Traditional Roulette: The pace at traditional roulette tables is usually steady. This might work for people who like to play games in a relaxed setting, but it might not be right for people who want to get results quickly.

Pros And Cons Of Live Casino Auto Roulette Versus Standard Roulette


Easy to Play:

  • Live Casino Auto Roulette: Because there is no human teller, the rounds go faster, making it a great choice for people who want to play quickly and bet a lot.
  • Traditional Roulette: This game has a slower pace and is good for people who like the feel of a real casino.

Different ways to bet:

  • Live Casino Auto Roulette: Offers a variety of betting choices so players can try out different bets and strategies, which makes the game more exciting overall.
  • Traditional Roulette: This game has standard betting choices, so people who like simple games might like it.

Streaming in real-time:

  • Live Casino Auto Roulette: This game lets you stream in high quality and watch the action in real-time, so you can enjoy a fully engaging gaming experience from anywhere.
  • Traditional Roulette: Players have to be in a casino to play, which makes it harder for some people to get to and less convenient for others.

Convenience and Easy Access:

  • Live Casino Auto Roulette: This feature lets players enjoy the game from the comfort of their own homes, so they don’t have to travel or follow the dress code at a real casino.
  • For traditional roulette, players have to go to a real casino, which isn’t always easy or possible.


Less interaction with others:

  • Live Casino Auto Roulette: You can’t connect with other players or a live dealer like you can in a real casino, so you can’t have that social experience.
  • Traditional Roulette: This type of roulette has a more social environment because players can talk to the croupier and other players.

No Croupier in Real Life:

  • Live Casino Auto Roulette: Because the game is automated, there is no person croupier to make suggestions or talk to players.
  • Traditional Roulette has a croupier (a person) who can help players, talk to them, and make the game more interesting.

Types Of Live Casino Auto Roulette

In the world of live casino auto roulette, there are many interesting variations, each with its own rules and ways to play. We’ll talk about the most famous types of live auto roulette games and what makes them unique in this section.

European Auto Roulette

Just one zero:

  • There is only one zero spot (0) on the wheel in European automobile roulette. This feature lowers the house edge, which makes it a good choice for players who want better chances.
  • The European version has a better chance of winning than the American version, which has both a single and double zero. This is because the European version only has one zero.

Normal gameplay:

  • European auto roulette is a lot like regular European roulette in terms of how it is played. If a player has played European roulette before, they will know the rules because they are always the same.
  • Standard bets like straight-up, split, and red/black are available, so players can use a variety of tactics.

Well-liked by beginners:

  • People who are new to auto roulette often like European auto roulette better. It’s great for people who are just starting out because it has simple rules and a single zero setup.
  • The smaller house edge also makes it appealing to players who don’t like taking risks when they bet.

French Auto Roulette

The Partage Rule:

  • Using the “La Partage” rule is one of the things that makes French auto roulette unique. This rule is used when the ball lands on the spot marked “0.”
  • If a player wins an even-money bet on “La Partage,” they will get half of their stake back. This can be red/black or odd/even. This rule lowers the house gain and raises the odds that players will get some of their losses back.

Bottom of the House:

  • The house edge in French auto roulette is smaller than in some other types, which makes it a good choice for players who want to win as much as possible.
  • Having the “La Partage” rule increases the general odds, making the game more favourable for players.

For players who don’t like taking risks:

  • This version is great for players who don’t like taking risks and want to keep their losses to a minimum. Together, the “La Partage” rule and the smaller house edge make it possible to bet less riskily.
  • French auto roulette is a good choice for people who like to bet safely because it has a good mix of risk and reward.

American Auto Roulette

Zero and two:

  • American auto roulette is different because the wheel has both a single zero (0) and a double zero (00) spot. Compared to European and French versions, this double-zero layout gives the house an edge.
  • Players should know that when there is a double zero, the chances of winning may be a little lower.

Speeded up:

  • American auto roulette is known for being easy to play quickly. The game goes quickly, with shorter times to bet and faster results.
  • Players who want quick results and enjoy the thrill of spins changing quickly will like this fast pace.

More danger, more reward:

  • The double zero spot at the bottom of the American roulette wheel makes it riskier than the European and French versions.
  • There is a chance of bigger prizes, but players will also have to work a little harder.

Live Casino Auto Roulette Strategies And Tips For Players

If you want to win more often at live auto roulette, think about these techniques and tips:

  • Decide how much you’re willing to risk and stick to that amount.
  • Use betting systems. The Martingale and Fibonacci can help you keep track of your bets.
  • Be Smart About Which Version You Pick: The odds for each version of auto roulette are different, so pick the one that fits your style.
  • Learn how to manage your money: don’t chase losses and know when to quit.
  • Stay Informed: To help you decide what to bet on, keep an eye on data and trends.

In the end, live casino auto roulette is a fun and easy way to play the classic game of roulette with a modern twist. In the exciting world of live auto roulette, your chances of winning big are higher if you know the basics, learn how to play, know how it’s different from regular roulette, try out different variations, and follow some smart tips. Sultanbet Live Games is a thrilling place to start your trip through the auto roulette casino. Therefore, do not wait; place your tips today and feel the thrill!


  • How does Live Casino Auto Roulette differ from traditional roulette games?

    Live Casino Auto Roulette differs from traditional roulette through automation, faster gameplay, and the absence of a human dealer.

  • Are there any specific strategies for increasing winnings in Auto Roulette?

    Specific strategies for increasing winnings include responsible bankroll management and experimenting with betting systems.

  • Where can I play Live Casino Auto Roulette online or in a casino?

    You can play Live Casino Auto Roulette online at various online betting sites or in select casinos that offer live auto roulette tables.

  • What makes Auto Roulette a popular choice for players looking to maximize winnings?

    Auto Roulette is popular for its convenience, speed, and diverse betting options, making it appealing to players aiming to maximize winnings.

  • What are the typical betting options and payout structures in Auto Roulette?

    Betting options include straight-up, split, red/black, and more, with corresponding payout structures. These can vary between different auto roulette variants.

  • Is Auto Roulette available 24/7, or are there specific hours for gameplay?

    Auto Roulette is available 24/7 on many online betting sites, allowing you to play at your convenience.

  • Are there any bonuses or promotions to help boost winnings in Live Casino Auto Roulette?

    Online casinos often offer bonuses and promotions that can boost winnings in Live Casino Auto Roulette, such as deposit bonuses and cashback offers.

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