Cursed Seas Slot Review

December 19, 2023
Cursed Seas Slot rtp

Greetings, fellow gamers! Do you ever fantasize about venturing the high, troublesome seas in search of hidden treasures? Get ready for Hacksaw Gaming’s Cursed Seas Slot! As you steer the wheel through this ocean of excitement and depth, you will be guided through the immersive online slot game. You will be covered in the fundamentals of play, the captivating bonus effects, and the highly detailed artwork and graphics. Prepared for this high-stakes journey? Well, put on your captain’s hat and jump on board with us! This pirate feature is found exclusively at Sultanbet Casino games.


Cursed Seas Slot Game Review

When compared to the massive amount of online slot games available to players nowadays, Cursed Seas does stand pretty tall. This is an online slot game that has managed to get off to sea on its quest to provide players with an adventure-filled ride full of nothing but pirate legends and the potential to make a small fortune. Hacksaw Gaming, who are the developers of this game project, have managed to produce a game that isn’t all that dissimilar from most of the other games making up this sea of online games.

What is a Cursed Seas Slot?

More than just a slot game, Cursed Seas is a true journey into the world of piracy on the high seas. Inspired by the most fascinating adventures on the seven seas, Cursed Seas takes players into a narrative universe in which each spin has a chance of unlocking unparalleled treasures. So, get ready to embark on a pirate ship and witness all the little details that the game reveals, from the sound of the boards squeaking under your feet to the gold coins that will be heaped onto the game board.

Cursed Seas Slot Details

Next, we will go in-depth about the specifics of the games that we chose for you to play, which we have compiled into a table for you, to look at and try to visualize the games that you would like to play.

Game Provider Hacksaw Gaming Min Bet 0,10
Paylines 26 Max. Bet 100
Reels 5 Max Payout 12,500x your bet
RTP 94,24% Features Free Spins, Multiplier
Volatility High Theme Pirate Adventure

Cursed Seas Slot

How To Play Cursed Seas Slot

Setting sail into the immersive world of Cursed Seas is a breeze, and with a few easy steps, you’ll be navigating the high seas of this thrilling slot game with ease.

Step 1: Select Your Bet

Begin your adventure by choosing the amount you wish to wager. Use the intuitive controls to adjust your bet size according to your preferred level of risk and excitement.

Step 2: Set Your Paylines

Cursed Seas offers 26 paylines across its five reels. Decide how many paylines you want to activate for each spin. While more paylines increase the chances of winning, it also affects the total bet amount, so choose wisely.

Step 3: Spin the Reels

Once your bet and paylines are set, it’s time to spin the reels. Hit the spin button and watch as the symbols come to life, promising the potential for thrilling combinations and exciting wins.

Step 4: Explore Bonus Features

Cursed Seas is not just about spinning the reels; it’s about unlocking the hidden treasures buried within the game’s bonus features. Keep an eye out for special symbols and bonus rounds that can significantly boost your winnings.

Step 5: Try the Feature Buy Option (Optional)

For those seeking instant action, Cursed Seas offers a Feature Buy option. This allows you to skip the anticipation and dive straight into the heart of the game’s excitement. Keep in mind that this option comes with an additional cost, so weigh your decision carefully.

Step 6: Enjoy the Adventure

As the reels spin and the waves crash, immerse yourself in the adventure that Cursed Seas offers. The captivating theme, engaging gameplay, and potential for lucrative rewards make every spin a journey worth taking.

Game Mechanics And Controls

Navigating through this rewarding game is easier than you think. Here are just a couple of pointers to remember whilst spinning through cursed seas and huge wins.

Reel Dynamic:

  • A classic 5 spinning reel showing different symbols


  • 26 winning lines
  • Increase or decrease your winning chances with more or fewer lines!

Combining the symbols:

  • The winning symbols are matching symbols, on active win lines
  • Special symbols help you to unlock even more bonus features.

Autoplay (Auto lucky spins):

  • To calmly watch the reels spinning.

Choice of Bet and Coin Per Line:

  • Simply amend coin size or choice to suit your own game.

Spin button:

  • Is the Sponsor of your spinning.

Balance and Wins:

  • Check here to keep an eye on your winnings and balance at any time.

Betting Options And Limits

Among the many slot games available on the internet today, Cursed Seas stands out with its intriguing theme and betting options. Join us below on this page as we introduce you to the wagering possibilities at Genesis Casino, ensuring you’ll be more than well-prepared for this voyage!

Flexible Betting: Cursed Seas caters to players with diverse risk appetites. Whether you prefer to test the waters with conservative bets or set sail for the horizon with bolder stakes, the game’s flexible betting options allow you to customize your wagering strategy.

Payline Activation: With 26 paylines cutting through the waves, you have the freedom to choose how many to activate. More paylines increase your chances of landing winning combinations but keep in mind that each activated payline affects your total bet. Consider this when plotting your course.

Coin Value and Bet Level: Fine-tune your bets by adjusting the coin value and bet level. This dynamic duo gives you control over the size of your wagers, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between risk and reward. Careful consideration of these factors can enhance your overall gaming experience.

Strategic Decision-Making: Understanding the impact of your betting choices is key. Consider scenarios where increasing your bet might lead to more substantial wins or where a conservative approach ensures a steadier journey. Strategic decision-making adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Feature Buy Option (Optional): For those who crave instant action, Cursed Seas offers a Feature Buy option. This allows you to skip the anticipation and dive straight into the heart of the game’s excitement. Keep in mind that this option comes with an additional cost, so weigh your decision carefully.

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Cursed Seas Slot Bonus Games, Features, and Free Spins

Go deeper into the heart of the Curse Seas where the real treasure lies not in the symbols, but revealed through an astonishing array of bonus games, features, and free spins that will take you for an extraordinary ride on the waves of excitement!

Cursed Seas Slot Symbols And Payouts

When deciphering the unknown there is a distinction between the significance of all the symbols.

High-Value Symbols

The expanse that is the ocean is marked with signs and symbols behind which lurk all sorts of Treasure. Pirate symbols, Ships, and Treasure all encompass the pages of the reels and they line up to provide an astounding bounty of coins!

Special Symbols

Move beyond the predictable and anticipate the stunning symbols that advance your gaming experience from ordinary to incredible. The rare, magical designs are waiting to be discovered and provide you with entry into bonus rounds and monetary gains.

RTP Of Cursed Seas Slot

Cursed Seas is about more than just a journey and adventure, it ensures fair gameplay for our customers. Cursed Seas has a very impressive Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 94.24%, which indicates the total amount of wagers received that will be paid back to all customers in the long run. That’s how our loyal players feel the thrill of sailing throughout the seven seas, fighting terrible sea monsters.

Volatility of Cursed Seas Slot

Voyage across high-volatility Cursed Seas for a ride that’s as unpredictable as it gets – waves of excitement plus huge payout potential. Brave the game’s super-volatile slot where the unpredictability of the game mechanics has the biggest impact. Each spin is excruciatingly thrilling as you await the next big win but you never really know what’s in store for you next.

Cursed Seas Slot Bonus Games and Free Spins

Be prepared to enter the depths of Cursed Seas, a place of captivating beauty and dangerous attraction, as the bonus games and free spins in the slot enchant every player.

Cursed Chests

While you spin the reels you may come across the mysterious Cursed Chests. By unlocking the Cursed Chests, you will receive an instant cash prize and an added element of unknown excitement to your nautical experience.

Sunken Treasure Bonus Game

Plunge into the darkness as you experience the Sunken Treasure Bonus Games. This certainly makes Cursed Seas extraordinary as you make mental arithmetic to ensure you make the correct decisions, which can lead you not to go away empty-handed. Navigate the depths cleverly so this means, prizes are likely to be yours.

Dead Men Tell No Tales Bonus Game

Enter the Dead Men Tell No Tales Bonus Game and go on a quest where the echoes of the past reveal hidden treasures. Make each spin also relive a narrative-driven bonus game turning each spin into a chapter in a sophisticated story, adding a layer of depth to your treasure hunt.

Cursed Seas Slot Feature Buy Option

Anyone looking for quick thrills will appreciate the introduction of Feature Buy. This allows you to bypass the grind and head straight to the main game action – but be warned, such convenience comes at a price, so choose your bets carefully in anticipation of big wins.

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Cursed Seas Slot Graphics And Sound

Get ready to be captivated as we explore the enchanting universe of Cursed Seas, where beautiful designs and soothing sounds concentrate fully on the maritime universe of entertainment.

Cursed Seas Slot Theme And Background

Like a world of thematic bliss, Cursed Seas has a beautiful theme to bring to life. This timeless theme brings the pirate ships, hidden treasure, and a sea of fun. The background sets the perfect mood and the many little details of it will engulf you making you feel like you are on a real-life hunt, which adds to the game tremendously.

Cursed Seas Slot Symbol Animations

The symbols that a person can get on the reels of the Pirate slots aren’t static, lifeless icons, rather, the icons are animated and bring the graphics to life in an amazing way. Watch as pirates swing on ropes, ships bob on the water, and treasure chests glisten to the excitement of the wins that are piling up. Each symbol expansion adds a new layer of visual richness to every spin, making even non-winning moments a sight to behold onscreen.

Cursed Seas Slot Soundtrack And Music

The voyage over the Cursed Seas is accompanied by a dynamic and thematic soundtrack that enriches your gaming experience by heightening the suspense, thrill, and adventure in the game. With every spin of the reels or every bonus gameplay, the soundtrack immerses you in your sessions at the casino and instills the feeling of a true high rule in the experience of the sea just by listening and playing.

Cursed Seas Slot Sound Effects During Gameplay

The auditory experience goes beyond the soundtrack. As you engage the reels, a variety of sounds, from the reel spinning to a victor reaching bonuses will serenade your ears as the sound effects chip in contributing to the engagement. Every win is made better by the sound of cash spilling from the machine chassis. The sound of a gong ringing out to mark the arrival of the bonus game is commendable too.

Pros And Cons Of Cursed Seas Slot

Dive into the positives and negatives of Cursed Seas by comparing the cons and pros of this exciting adventure through the internet sea.

Pros Of Cursed Seas Slot

  • Engaging gameplay with exciting bonus features.
  • Visually stunning graphics and animations.
  • High volatility for a balanced gaming experience.
  • Feature Buy option for those seeking instant action.
  • Lucrative potential with a max win of 12,500x your bet.

Cons Of Cursed Seas Slot

  • Feature Buy option comes with an additional cost.

Cursed Seas casino bonus

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In the end, the Cursed Seas slot game is a fascinating voyage that will take you right into the world of pirates and treasures with its amazing features, graphic designs, and offering payouts it has successfully showcased the skill of its developers; keeping up with people’s interests and it is a new level for other slot game developing companies. Dive into the sea, grab what you find, and explore the treasures in the Cursed Seas only in Sultanbet Casino, join now!


  • Are there any special features in Cursed Seas Slot?

    Cursed Seas Slot boasts special features, including bonus games like Cursed Chests, Sunken Treasure, and Dead Men Tell No Tales, adding an extra layer of excitement.

  • How many paylines does Cursed Seas Slot have?

    Cursed Seas Slot offers 20 paylines, providing ample opportunities for winning combinations to emerge.

  • Is there a progressive jackpot in Cursed Seas Slot?

    Cursed Seas Slot does not feature a progressive jackpot.

  • Can I play Cursed Seas Slot on my mobile device?

    Yes, you can play Cursed Seas Slot on your mobile device, ensuring the thrill of the high seas is at your fingertips.

  • Are there any bonus rounds in Cursed Seas Slot?

    Yes, Cursed Seas Slot includes bonus rounds such as Cursed Chests and immersive Sunken Treasure and Dead Men Tell No Tales bonus games.

  • Is there a free demo version of Cursed Seas Slot available?

    A free demo version of Cursed Seas Slot is available, allowing players to explore the game without risking real money.

  • How do I activate the free spins feature in Cursed Seas Slot?

    Free spins in Cursed Seas Slot are typically activated through the game’s bonus features, such as landing specific symbols or entering bonus rounds. Keep an eye out for these triggers during gameplay.

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